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The Luis De La Calle Foundation was established in January 2016 under the inspiration of Luis De La Calle, with the primary aim of serving the society in three key areas: education, social service and ecology.

The Luis De La Calle Foundation promotes and fosters knowledge through education and social services at the highest level. Currently, it represents regionally the Florida Vedic College of USA, the most ancient Vedic university in the Western world, with the main purpose of establishing centers of higher education in medicine (ayurveda), astrology (jyotish), architecture (vastu), business management, philosophy, arts, among others fields.

The Luis De La Calle Foundation also represents two international institutions, which are situated in Spain: the Dharma Foundation and the International Euro American University, and the University of Lusofona in Portugal through the faculties of philosophy, education, among others. In addition, it has educational projects at kindergarten and secondary levels in order to favor positively the children and adolescents’ development.

Being headquartered in USA, Switzerland and Peru, the Luis De La Calle Foundation is firmly committed to education and social service. We have the intense desire for creating a free society, a society capable enough to decide their own destiny. Taking it into account, our commitment is to support those who are not able to realize their greatest potentials because they have no material facilities.

Another aim of the Luis De La Calle Foundation is to assist homeless children, with extreme poverty or difficulty by providing them with food, education, clothing, health and other necessities in order to benefit their development and growth in our society.

The Ecology and the environment are also parts of the aims of the Luis De La Calle Foundation. Every day our planet faces the massive destruction of their resources. The Luis De La Calle Foundation is focused on making our planet a place where you can live and grow in peace and harmony, ensuring happy future generations through education, establishment of eco-lodges and reforestation projects.

We trust in the power of the individual. We strongly believe that the beginning of all improvement certainly starts when we go beyond our limitations that are blocking us and making us sick. For this reason, we promote health and healing with a holistic and natural vision to tackle our current problems.

Work with us. Your contribution is vital for this project!

The Luis De La Calle Foundation invites you to make a significant difference and transform the society with us. Our children, women and elderly people will sincerely thank you for it.

What we do

Life is an art to live, and a work of art is the expression of our personality as a whole, of our sensibility and ability.


Music as a tool for Education

Enhancing the child’s musical expression by elevating the consciousness and the stimulation of the development of the emotional intelligence. We use music, specifically, as a wonderful tool to educate a child about human (respect for others, obedience, perseverance, patience, loyalty, responsibility, solidarity, etc.) and spiritual values (gratitude, modesty, empathy, generosity etc.)


Use of Dance

The use of dance, wherein the child’s steps are synchronized with the rhythm of the melody, is a simultaneous double function by the child, who is the dancer and the instrumentalist.


Performer and instrument maker

The adoption of a double function by the child as performer and instrument maker, a direct relationship between the fabrication of the instrument and the sound of the instrument.


“Learn to speak before reading”

First make music and only then understand how it is made. The use of orality (observation, listening and imitation) and the written tradition (music theory, reading scores, writing music etc) as tools of learning-ship.

Become a Volunteer

The Luis De La Calle Foundation invites you to make a significant difference and transform society with us.
Our children, women and elderly people will sincerely thank you for it.

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