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About Dr. Luis De La Calle


The founder is a dual-national (Peruvian-Danish) and is one of the most accomplished artists and educators to come from Peru and Denmark. His many unique contributions to the world community in the fields of research, education, art, innovation and social service have received international high praise and recognition for over three decades.

Born in Peru, the heart of the Inca culture, since the age of five Dr. De La Calle have enjoyed playing the Quena (the Inca flute) and siku (the Inca pan-flute). He has also deeply involved by living for many years in the Japanese, Indian and European cultures.

Dr. Luis De La Calle is acknowledged in both Peru and Japan as one of the world’s best quena (Incan flute) players. He also created his own innovative variation on the traditional Incan flute design called the De La Calle Quena-Flute™, which attaches a quena head joint to the body of the European transverse flute. He went on to earn a bachelor degree and two different master’s degrees from Lund University in Sweden, which were based on the De La Calle Quena-Flute itself. This was the first time in history that a musician was able to earn a university degree based on his own musical invention. As a performer and inventor of this instrument, flute associations in the USA, UK, Australia and Sweden have formally recognized Luis as one the world’s most talented flutists working in both Western and Non-Western traditions. During the course of his career, Dr. De La Calle has received many formal awards, including awards presented by the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Peru, the Mayor of the Municipality of Lima and also other important dignitaries from various districts around the Peruvian capital.

Dr. De La Calle obtained his Ph.D. in Sciences of Education at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and also holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree awarded at the Parliament of Peru by the National University of Education of Peru. His doctoral dissertation is considered as one of the very first works on this academic level investigating the music didactics of an ancient culture: the cultural and technical teaching of Andean wind instruments from the Incan culture and its music. A preview of this work has already been selected for publication by the prestigious International Symposium of Psychology and Sciences of Education (Vygotsky) in Paris. Since 2012, Dr. De La Calle has represented the University of Geneva at several world congresses on the science of education.

Dr. De La Calle has officially represented Peru and Denmark in the last 28 years at many international academic, artistic and educational events organized by UNESCO and the United Nations. In this capacity, he has given many lectures and concerts at highly prestigious universities, theatres and auditoriums.

As a performer and composer, Dr. De La Calle has published recordings under contract for Sony Music, JVC World Sounds and Columbia Records in Japan, where he holds an extraordinary position as the foremost representative of Peruvian traditional wind instruments in Japanese musical culture.

Dr. Luis De La Calle is also well versed in Vedic philosophy of India, and was awarded the 2015 European Excellence Award in the category of scientific presentation of Vedic knowledge and its music.

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