The Luis de la Calle Foundation main goal is to prepare our children for higher education, teach them
to navigate social interactions with peers from different backgrounds, and to help them
become excellent members of society.

It is to provide them with the building blocks to figure out what they want to do with their lives
and to spark their curiosity to learn more and to build on the skills that they already have.

“Creating compassionate caring adults means treating children with compassion and care.
Education is but one cornerstone of creating a vital, sustainable community. Each of us have
a role to play in helping the very youngest of our citizens grow and thrive and
fulfill their potential. By providing a solid foundation we can then help our children
reach for their dreams. Working together as partners in this effort is essential.

Parents (families) are the constant in the equation, schools/teachers are the variable
(as they change over time). Only by creating a shared vision and pathway to success
will our children be able to achieve their goals.”